CONTECH Engineering Services


Equipment Qualification

CONTECH has one of the most experienced EQ consulting staffs in the industry. Our EQ Staff has experience in all phases of the development and implementation of comprehensive equipment qualification programs to meet the requirements of IEB 79-01B, NUREG 0588, 10CFR50.49 as well as program changes and updates that are part of continuous improvement initiatives. CONTECH also has experience in establishing and maintaining Equipment Qualification at CANDU reactors in accordance with CSA N290.13 and IEC 60780.

CONTECH's EQ Staff also has experience in every phase of the development, implementation, and management of EQ Program Improvement or Enhancement Projects. This experience also includes assessing and upgrading EQ Programs to be more effective and sustainable, consistent with INPO Engineering Program Guide EPG-02, EPRI TR-100516 and the 1998 IAEA Safety Report entitled "Equipment Qualification in Operational Nuclear Power Plants: Upgrading, Preserving and Reviewing".

Our EQ experience also includes updating EQ Program documentation to support Extended Power Uprates (EPU), Alternate Source Term (AST) implementation and License Renewal activities, which included the development of License Renewal Program Basis Documents which document how the utilitie's EQ Program satisfies Section X.E1 of NUREG-1801 (e.g. the Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) Report).

This experience allows CONTECH to take advantage of lessons learned when offering Equipment Qualification services to our clients.